International SUPPLIERS

If you are a reliable supplier,

we believe we can help you expand your customer base further since we already have an international buyer database with many active buyers in it .

It is vital that we know our suppliers throughly as every recommendation from us carries with it our reputation and good name which we have worked very, very hard to build up and maintain over the years .

We use our global database extensively to locate RELIABLE suppliers worldwide for our international buyers.

Our approach with suppliers is a simple one . It’s just common sense – between a reliable supplier and an unreliable supplier, who do you think would a buyer buy from? Since multi-million dollar contracts are common occurence in international trade, would buyers risk losing all that money on unreliable suppliers?

All the suppliers have to do is just prove to us that they are RELIABLE with a proven track record.

If we were able to move thousands of units of your company’s product to our buyers, would your company willing to share the profits with us?


We only work with DIRECT SELLERS or MANUFACTURERS (the party who can receive the full payment under their own company name) and DIRECT BUYERS (the party who can issue the full payment under their own company name)
We do not normally respond to requests from brokers, mandates or third party representatives.


Before starting, you are well advised to go through the two links below. They will open into a separate, new window so that you can always come back to this page.


Below is a simplified, step-by-step version of how we work with international suppliers :-

Step 1 – Download “Supplier Acknowledgement Form” CLICK HERE

Step 2 – We work professionally with our buyers and suppliers. Before we start sending our buyers to a supplier, we need to put in place a simple Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to formalize the working arrangements between both parties . Print out a copy of the MOU CLICK HERE

Step 3 – Fill up the MOU with the relevant details. Once completed , send the MOU to us in PDF format. We will then fill up our part . When that is completed we will send back the completed MOU to the supplier. This will formalize the working arrangements between both parties.

Step 4 – Once the MOU is in place then we can start to bring our buyers to the supplier.

Step 5 – Every time we introduce a buyer to a supplier, we will include an acknowledgement form for the supplier to fill in.
This form contains the buyer’s offer, data and specifications . We will also include a reference number for the supplier for verification purposes . The supplier will fill in the form , sign and stamp it and email it back to us (in PDF format) as a confirmation of receiving the offer from us.

Step 6 – The supplier will contact the buyer and start the negotiation process. Keep in mind that we are not involved in the negotiations between buyer and seller. Buyer will negotiate directly with supplier. Our main function is only to introduce the buyer to the seller. We can offer advice if and only when requested.

CLICK ON ‘PRODUCT WANTED’ below to see list of different products which we are currently looking for. Please contact us if you are a direct supplier or manufacturer of these products.
In most cases we already have the suppliers who can supply those products but in some areas we still do not have enough suppliers to meet the demands from our buyers. We are looking for more suppliers of the products listed.